There is no doubt in our minds that quality accessories enrich the entire cigar experience. However, whilst quality is key, it is equally important to choose accessories to meet your own preferences and requirements.

If you enjoy a cigar whilst cruising the waters or out on the golf course, a jet lighter is an absolute must. For those who prefer smoking indoors, the classic style of the Dunhill or a stylish table lighter is a popular option. Those with an eye for technical design will undoubtedly be impressed with the precision engineering of a lighter such as the Dupont Ligne 2 Diamonds. Whatever your choice, all our lighters come in an array of colours and finishes to reflect your individuality.

Choice of cutter is a very personal preference, be it a razor-sharp guillotine, a lightweight pair of cigar scissors, a V-shape for those smaller ring cigars or a punch cutter for a deep circular cut to fully appreciate your cigar. Whilst making your selection, take into account clever design details such as the spring mechanism of the Xikar XO Double Guillotine Cigar Cutter or the rubber side grips on the Colibri – they can make all the difference.