Our range of desktop humidors is perfect for cigar enthusiasts, whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned cigar lover. Each piece in our collection is cedar lined to keep your cigars in the best possible condition. The high humidity absorption of cedar ensures a constant level of moisture inside your humidor; it also supports the cigar ageing process and helps improve its flavour.

Other key features of all our desk top humidors are a humidifier to create the right level of moisture and a hygrometer to measure the level of humidity; for which some people prefer a more traditional analog dial, whilst others believe digital can be more accurate. If you are new to the art of cigar storage, one of our starter packs would be the ideal choice, as they also contain humidification solution, set-up and care instructions which are all key to successfully storing your cigars.

Desktop humidors are the perfect storage solution for the everyday cigar enthusiast, rather than the collector. Depending on your choice, they can hold from 15 to 200 cigars and can easily be kept in your home or study on a desk, bookcase or tabletop. They are available in a vast array of finishes and so selecting one is a very individual choice. You may decide upon a wood finish with a high gloss lacquer which really accentuates the features of the grain and creates a luxurious look; or possibly you would prefer a more modern finish such as a glass top or the vibrant colours from the Villa Spa stable. If you would like a slightly more unusual design, take a look at the quirky Adorini pyramid shape; or for the ultimate in design chic the Elle Bleu Che Pop Art humidor, from this word renowned Parisian boutique humidor maker.

If you are looking to develop your cigar storage skills, you may decide to choose a desktop humidor with slightly more deluxe features. Look out for models which allow you to individually separate your cigars, with divider, tray or ventilation designs which maximise air circulation. You can also optimise your storage conditions with pre-calibrated higher precision hygrometers.

Whatever your individual cigar storage requirements, we hope you will enjoy browsing our online store and will find the perfect desktop humidor.